Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cambodian Heaven: Pavillon D' Orient Part Une

Cla, friend and acting tour director, decided to go all out in our Cambodia trip. Instead of booking us in a backpacker hotel, she decided that we needed a slice of heaven to come home to after spending days walking and climbing ruins under the heat of the tropical sun.

And, rightfully so.

Pavillon D' Orient is a boutique hotel with a resort-like feel. You forget that you're in the middle of Cambodia, in a quaint little city very very very far from the sea. Everything smacks of beach elements -- a cornucopia of tropical plants; a profusion of palms; the open-air lobby, resto and hallways; the abundance of wicker furniture...even the pool is salt water! Love, love, loved every bit of this Cambodian paradise! I'm sure you will too!

Check it out:

The Hotel "Lobby"

The pond centerpiece is such a beaut!

Le Planteur -- the hotel's oh-so lovely breakfast nook

The cool salt water pool

The rooms are housed in the aptly called "The Mansion"

Very very beach-y!

For more information on Pavillon D' Orient, visit

Note: All pictures from Pavillon D' Orient website

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