Friday, December 3, 2010

Say WAT?

I remember getting an urgent message from my friend, Clarisse, asking me if I wanted to go to Vietnam and that I have to give my response ASAP and pay for the fare that very evening since Cebu Pacific was offering a promo fare.

I didn't even think twice. The answer was pretty obvious for a woman with a thirst for wanderlust.


It was January when we booked it but flight was still in June.

Not that I was complaining. Living on a third-world salary, it meant more time to save up.

And, of course, more time to sift through tons of travel info for the best deals and the hidden gems.

So, I turn to my quintessential travel bible -- The Lonely Planet.

Didn't see a solid Lonely Planet Vietnam guide book. But, what I saw was way better.

I saw this...


Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and the Greater Mekong Region (which includes Northern Thailand and Southern China!)!


When our travel group met up again a few months down the line for dinner, Clarisse announced that we weren't really going to Vietnam. It was just our jumping point to get to our real travel destination...Cambodia!

No complaints from me. I've always wanted to see Angkor Wat (hello, "35 Before 35" bucket list!). And, with this trip, I could finally scratch it 0ff like an item in a TeuxDeux list!

Someday no more!


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