Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 1 of The 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Meal Plan

Went grocery shopping last night to buy toiletries and weight-friendly food to kick start my goal to have a bikini-body. 

I've tried a few diets, including the infamous Master Cleanser Diet a.k.a. The Lemonade Diet. Basically, you just chug down lemonade sweetened with real maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper for about 10 days. I lasted for 3 days before I surrendered (I still have a very expensive bottle of grade B maple syrup gathering dust in my food shelf). With nothing but lemonade for sustenance, I felt weak and faint during those 3 days of hell. Not advisable for people who have work or are always out-and-about. And, I work and I'm always out-and-about. So, I need a diet that requires food. Because food = energy. 

Then, I discovered the Nestle Fitnesse Cereal and their 14-day promise. Looking at the suggested meal plan at the back of the carton, it didn't look too unreasonable. 

I mean I love cereal, I love milk, I love fruit, I love yogurt, I love some vegetables. How hard can it be, right? Well, we'll soon find out coz today is Day 1 of the 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Meal Plan. No backing out now coz I've already invested in 2 boxes: Honey & Almond and Fruit. 

And, to gauge the effectiveness of the diet, we've got to have quantitative measurable data as basis. 

So, here come's the dreaded weigh-in result...

A shocking 140 lbs! 

Gosh, I really need to start this diet. STAT!


  1. Wow, you really announced your weight! Good luck with the diet. If this works, I'm trying it out, too! :)

  2. I figured I might as well be honest if I want to properly document my progress.

    And, can I just say that "The Truth Hurts."

  3. musta na po ang diet? effective ba? gusto ko rin sana itry eh.. mas mabigat pa nga ako sau hehehe

  4. wow, good luck to you!
    i'm going to try this starting today, i just bought honey and almonds cereals yesterday and i'm excited! hope it will work for me as well.

    always remember: WE CAN DO IT sis! :)

  5. I really wanna try this one. we'll see if it really works..

  6. Would be interested to know if it had worked on you. Please tell and share. I wish to do the same but found that it's quite difficult to get the product from the supermarket.

  7. sana nga talagang effective! :)) magsstart na ko tom. !! :)) good luck sa iba pang mgttry! :))

  8. oh my! before i was only 40lbs but now im 17 years old na tapos naging 55lbs my god! im so fat... sana effective...