Saturday, April 17, 2010

...and, the First Step We Shall Make!

So, I've just attended the NUS MBA Roadshow and have gathered the necessary information about the program.

Next step is to find out similar information from other schools I'm interested to attend so I can all lay them out and compare and decide which program I really want and need.

These are my list of schools so far:

  1. NUS - MBA
  2. NTU - MBA or MA in Marketing
  3. Loyola School of Chicago - Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications
  4. West Virginia University - Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications (Online)
  5. Leeds Metropolitan University - Masters in Events Management (Online)

My goal is to post relevant information about all these schools and programs by the end of May so I can prepare my application requirements et al. 

Also, if any of you know or have heard any information about these schools and/or their programs, whether positive or negative, please drop a line.  Who knows?  It just might be the tipping point.  : )  


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