Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road to an MA: The NUS MBA Roadshow in Manila

It seems that the stars are conspiring to help me. 

Because coming to Manila this April 17, Saturday, is the NUS (National University of Singapore) MBA Roadshow.

And, being the good, focused, and determined girl (or should I say woman) that I am, I have already registered.

I really want to get my MA / MBA in an Ivy League university in North America but its horrendously expensive given our Third World cost of living. So, I would gladly settle for an MA / MBA in a Singaporean university since their programs are at par with those in North America and Europe. It's not horrendously expensive (just expensive!). And, definitely workable. Especially, since I also plan to work in Singapore some time in the future. 

I'll find out exactly how workable it is on Saturday. 

Tomorrow just keeps getting better and better!

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